List of fears:

  1. Accept this challenge

  2. Eat at least 3 oysters

  3. Hold a cat

  4. Get a piercing

  5. Go unnoticed for a day

  6. Rollerblade in Central Park

  7. Watch a scary movie

  8. Smoke

  9. Eat Harry Potter Beans

  10. Spend a whole day without your cellphone

  11. Eat street food

  12. Go to a petting zoo, feed the animals

  13. Trust in long-distance love

  14. Drive alone at night

  15. Get a Brazilian wax

  16. Dress wearing patterns

  17. Meditate

  18. Ride a bike around NY instead of using the subway

  19. Ride a mechanical bull

  20. Go to a dog park

  21. Change your hair color (part I)

  22. Spend a whole day wearing headphones

  23. Go to a fortune teller

  24. Fail to post

  25. Fry something

  26. Go on a helicopter ride

  27. Do it on a porta-potty

  28. Root for the opposite team

  29. Go to a network event by yourself and connect with people

  30. Take a "selfie" with at least 10 different influential people in your industry

  31. Photograph a stranger and share the picture with him/her

  32. Travel by yourself and enjoy it

  33. Change a poopy diaper

  34. Watch a play by yourself


  35. Speak in front of a crowd

  36. Try Indian food

  37. Feel proud of yourself

  38. Get drunk

  39. Donate Blood

  40. Go to a bar alone at night

  41. Go to Sleep No More by yourself

  42. Hand out flyers on the street

  43. Go viral

  44. Spend less than $5 for the entire day

  45. Watch the sunrise by yourself from Brooklyn Bridge

  46. Hold a snake

  47. Eat something very spicy

  48. Face disapproval

  49. Dance like no one's watching

  50. Help people in need

  51. Sing in front of a crowd with a band

  52. Hold a tarantula

  53. Eat insects

  54. Walk around NYC wearing high heels all day long

  55. Ride on a roller coaster 

  56. Go to a batting cage

  57. Try acupuncture

  58. Disappoint people you care about (non-intentionally) 

  59. Quit your job

  60. Spend a few hours blindfolded

  61. Play Paintball

  62. Get hypnotized

  63. Give out free hugs around NYC

  64. Walk around in my pajamas

  65. Grow up

  66. Go skydiving

  67. Do not plan your birthday

  68. Take a trapeze class

  69. Get lost in Chinatown

  70. Take a self defense class


  71. Cross in between subway cars

  72. Walk around NYC in your bikini

  73. Bargain

  74. Interview random people

  75. Live alone with my brother for 2 weeks

  76. Present my thesis

  77. Pose nude for a drawing class

  78. Body paint another person

  79. Go job hunting around NYC

  80. Teach a Zumba class

  81. Allow random people to plan my day

  82. Go hiking

  83. Explore a new city by myself

  84. Go to the Holocaust Museum

  85. Do crowdsurfing at a concert

  86. Go camping

  87. Crash a wedding

  88. Visit a beehive

  89. Do a stand-up comedy show

  90. Dive with sharks

  91. Fly a plane

  92. Speak at a mental health institution

  93. Go zip-lining

  94. Honest letter to my parents

  95. Cliff diving

  96. Go from 27 years old to 87, and surprise Adam like that

  97. Rappel down from rocky cliffs

  98. Create an inspirational video based on other's experiences

  99. Become an entrepreneur

  100. TEDxHouston