Day 61: Shoot

What's the challenge?

To play paintball. 

What are you afraid of?

Getting hurt.

How was the experience?

When I first got to Cousin's Paintball, I felt out of place but intrigued about the experience. It was like no other place I've been to before: manly, grungy and earthy! But management and the crew were so nice and helpful that it immediately made me feel much more comfortable. Once I was all geared-up, I kinda enjoyed the grunginess of the situation and how authentic the place really was. Before getting into the game we practiced on the shooting range and that got me in the mood, but as soon as I went into the "battle" I was completely terrified! Adrenaline kicked in and I was running all over the place shooting at trees. I got killed 3 times, but Adam killed one person! It was really fun but exhausting, I have to start working out again!