Day 58: Disappoint

What are you afraid of?

Disappointing the people I care about.

How was the experience?

I thought I could do it all: manage to maintain my full-time job, face one fear a day, blog about it and focus on my thesis. I was lucky enough to pick an all-star team that I had loved to work with for this big project. Sadly, I haven't been able to deliver the way I would like to. Between responding emails at work, planning my next fears, conquering them, editing each video, and now dealing with all the PR I've been getting and answering fan's emails, there's been very little time to focus on my thesis. This led me to disappoint my team on the first phase of the project. I promised to have my part of the work done, but the day arrived and I was far from being ready. I could sense the disappointment on their faces and the frustration of having to compete with my 100 day project that took over my life a couple weeks ago. I'm in a situation where no matter what I do I end up disappointing someone, whether my boss, my team or my inspired followers. So I want to dedicate this post to say I'm sorry to my colleagues at work, my incredible team and my 100 Days Without Fear followers who send me encouraging messages every day to help me keep going. Thank you all for understanding and I promise to do my best in the next month and a half to accomplish all of the goals and not disappoint.

Special thanks to Marissa, my awesome teammate, who has been extra supportive, understanding and encouraging these days, please take a look at her incredible project here.