Day 17: Ommmm

Time to change things up a bit.

I realized that facing fear is not the only way to confront it. Since this project is about getting over fears to become a courageous person I will also include some activities that will help me get over scary situations in a more positive and mindful way. 

Today, I tried meditation for the first time. Sadly, the instructor did not allow me to record the session but it lasted 30 minutes and it was strangely relaxing. He asked us to create a safe place in our minds and color it with our favorite shade (which I used pink, but not the tacky shade, the really delicate, classy one). Then, he asked us to put there one project or goal we had in mind, so of course I put this 100 Day project in there, and finally unlock the stress that the project brings with a secret code. Sounds pretty weird but somehow I feel less heavy and optimistic about this project. I like to overcomplicate myself and always go above and beyond expectations; what this is causing me is stress and lots of tension. So this thing I'm doing right here, just writing my post and be ok with it, is a reflection of what I learned today meditating. It is ok to sometimes simplify things to make our lives better and that's what I'm doing now and I like it.

See you tomorrow.