"So Michelle, what do you do?"

Who knew this question could make me feel so many things at the same time: 
1. Lost: What do I do?
2. Insecure: Well, I used to be an Art Director, now.. I'm unemployed
3. Unapologetic: I'm unemployed because I quit my job
4. Naive: to pursue my dream
5. Conformist: I'm a Youtuber
6. Doubtful: I guess.. I have a YouTube channel and lots of subscribers
7. Humble: I face fears and create videos out of it
8. Cocky: I went viral, pretty cool..
9. Hopeful: Now let's see where this goes!
10. Confident: I recently came back from Houston, where I spoke at a TEDx event as my last fear
11. Entrepreneurial: So now I'm working with my team (aka my husband and I) on developing a platform for others to face their fears
12. Naive again: while I travel the world facing fears
13. Even more naive: maybe recording my own TV show
14. Hopeful again: and giving talks to inspire even more people to approach their fears
15. Realistic: that's if I don't run out of money before the end of the year, again, I'm unemployed and living in Manhattan, oh yes, and with a student loan over my shoulder. Nice meeting you!

This is the moment where people's mind blow up. They went from assuming I was desperately looking for a job in the city to grasping the fact that I just faced 100 fears and that I'm kinda famous, but I'm not, but sounds like I have the potential to be.

Truth is, I have no idea what do I do, what's my job description, what's my position and what's my salary. But I know how I feel, and I feel happy. I'm happy to be working hard day and night to (feeling naive again) pursue my dream. And my current dream is to travel the world, face all of those fears I once said I would never do, like riding on an elephant in Thailand or building a house in Perú. My dream is to keep sharing my experience by giving talks around the world to inspire more and more people. My dream is to provide a community for those who want to face their own fears and guide them, support them and reward them so they never give up. My dream is to keep dreaming because that's the only way we can make things come to life, by dreaming.